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Detra Johnson is an experienced Corporate Trainer with over 30 years in the Software, Manufacturing and Banking industries. As an Inspirational Keynote Speaker and intentional Life Coach, she has motivated non-profit organizations such as the Girl Scouts, and other interfaith organizations. Her style is enthusiastic and engaging.
As founder of the Leading Edge methodology, Detra has used her coaching program to ignite thousands of people to successful living both professionally and personally. Detra was educated at Bowling Green State University, and the University of Cincinnati.

Areas of professional expertise are:

  • Sales Training 

  • Leadership Development 

  • Customer Service 

  • Project Management 

Detra’s business experience coupled with her personal commitment to serving humanity, has allowed her to serve on various national and global boards of non-profits organizations.  Clients appreciate Detra’s compassionate candor and enthusiastic zeal for ensuring that goals are met.

Her approach with Personal coaching clients is that she creates a safe space to share their personal life’s challenges while providing tools to address them. Some of the issues she has helped client address are blocks to success, self confidence, while assisting them with uncovering their life mission and purpose. Detra is also a certified Grief Circle Program Facilitator.  She incorporates life coaching tools with spiritual counseling.  This combination creates a whole and balanced approach for life changing results that gives all of her clients a leading edge in life. 

As an inspirational speaker; audiences describe her speaking style as funny & enthusiastic. She engages her audiences while integrating a genuine purposeful message.

Professional Speaking Topics

  • Sales Engagement Motivation

  • Coaching vs. Managing

  • Your Time is on the Clock

  • What’s Your Strategy

  • Custom Messages for Your Conference

Personal Workshops

  • Intentional Living

  • Grief Circle Program

  • Joy From the Inside

  • Customized for your Conferences and/or Retreats

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